Age Automobile A UnaVideo Vertical Footage Frame Encircle Concept From Chris At Unavideo YT Generation Vehicle A UnaVideo Vertical Clip Outline Wrap Idea By Christopher At UnaVideo YT Era Auto A Unavideo Vertical Recording Frame Surround Conception From Chris At UnaVideo YouTube Generation Auto A Unavideo Vertical Video Frame of mind Embrace Approach Created by Christopher Unavideo UnaVideo YouTube Time of Car A Unavideo Vertical Video Format Encasement Strategy Done by Chris In UnaVideo YouTube Gen Auto A Unavideo Vertical Clip Structure Encompass Idea Authored by Chris Situated in Unavideo YT Time of Car A Unavideo Vertical Footage Frame Envelop Idea By the hand of Christopher At Unavideo YT Generation Auto A UnaVideo Vertical Clip Shape Wrap Layout Done by Chris At UnaVideo YouTube Era of Auto A UnaVideo Vertical Video Frame Surrounding Idea Designed by Christopher At Unavideo YT Generation of Auto A Unavideo Vertical Video Frame Wrap around Appearance Authored by Christopher At UnaVideo YT

UnaVideo Vertical Video Frame Surrounds can add a new dimension to the popular vertical video format. to see the video …

UnaVideo uses Portrait Video Frame Surrounds To add that extra extra to its portrait videos.

This technique allows for logos, icons, company colours and other information such as a web site address to be on view for the duration of a videos playtime.

Subject to the platform on which it is presented that information is also captured in a thumbnail.

It provides for a distinctive style.

When a viewer is scrolling there is a greater likelihood of them stopping And playing a video Your video

In this instance the centrepiece video was auto generated using Pictory not an affiliate.

It was modified slightly

Additionally, a portrait Video Frame Surround was created. R

eflecting the colours of this new centrepiece video.

The video was then set in its own web page. And a button added below.

See the web page address below httpsunavideo.comgenerationauto

Thank you for your time Chris at Discover more.

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