This recipe features a reverse seared venison backstrap served with a delectable blueberry bourbon sauce.

The video above features a recipe for cooking venison backstrap using the reverse searing method. To do this, the meat is slowly cooked in an oven until it reaches a temperature 15 degrees below the desired level, after which it is seared on a hot surface to create a golden brown crust. This process creates a thin coating on the surface of the meat, making searing it far simpler while retaining a delicious flavor. The recipe also calls for adding a blueberry bourbon pan sauce to the dish. The video provides a comprehensive guide on making the recipe yourself. A list of required ingredients and supplies is also included, as well as a discount offer for Musket Powder Seasoning products. The creator invites viewers to share their thoughts on the recipe in the comments and encourages them to subscribe to their channel for more cooking content.

This post was originally published on 45gaming


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