The Recipe for the Most Delicious Venison Backstrap.

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The video is embedded within a div container and includes an iframe with attributes such as loading, frameborder, allowfullscreen, and sandbox. The post has gathered 29020 views and 293 likes. The YouTube channel linked is called « Before Outdoors ». In the video, the author shares how they cooked a venison backstrap that was harvested the previous year, using their favorite recipe. They claim it to be one of the easiest and best recipes for venison backstrap. They also mention the music in the video is by Matthew May and provide a link to his YouTube channel. The author requests the audience to like, comment, and subscribe for more such content, and mentions that the video is available in 1080p. The author provides their social media handles, including their Instagram, Facebook, and email. The length of the video is 6 minutes and 27 seconds, and it falls under the category of Entertainment. There are 25 comments on the video, and a link to view them is included.

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