The Backstrap Recipe by Willie, Renowned for Excellence | Kitchen at the Deer Camp | Buck Commander

The code for embedding a YouTube video with a Buck Commander video is shown in the div class= »embed-container » section. The video has received 328500 views and 4451 likes. The associated YouTube channel is Buck Commander. Willie the chef is renowned for his fried backstrap, which he has cooked using the stack fry method taught to him by Kay Robertson. There is an invitation to try this method at home and post a comment with feedback. The audience is urged to subscribe to the channel for the latest videos. Buck Commander merchandise can be accessed via their website. The group can be found on social media and is seen to use and endorse various hunting products. The hashtags #BuckCommander, #DeerHunting, #BowHunting, #JasonAldean, #LukeBryan, #WillieRobertson, #WhitetailDeer, #BigBucks, #KubotaUSA, #AdamLaRoche, #RyanLangerhans, #TomboMartin, #TylerFarr, #bowhunting, #BigGame, #whitetail, #WhiteTailHunting, #DeerHunting are used in the post. The video runs for 11 minutes and 10 seconds and falls under the Entertainment category. There are 253 comments available to read.

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