ChatGPT advised me to bring a pet to the Ganon battle ….

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Prepare yourself for a memorable match in Breath of the Wild! In this video, I decided to spice things up with ChatGPT in order to generate some random games for me to take on. Little did I realize, the AI language model had an unexpected surprise for the viewer…

During the final boss fight, ChatGPT told me to bring a toy animal to ride. It’s exactly. I had to hold onto an adorable toy while fighting it with my most powerful foe. This was certainly an… challenging experience to say the least.

The video should be watched. I’m taking on thunderblight while holding onto my beloved stuffed animals. Will it help me succeed? We’ll need for yourself to discover!

Join me on this wild adventure and be a part of the most thrilling ultimate boss fight that you’ve witnessed. It’s bound to be an hilarious and entertaining experience that will be a memory you’ll never forget!

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