Advanced ChatGPT tools and AI that every Agent Seth Watts

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Tom Panos Real Estate Training

My guest is Seth Watts, Co-Founder of CampaignAgent and industry thought leader. Seth will discuss the best strategies agents can employ ChatGPT and AI to build their brand as well as local business in real estate:

(00:00:00) (00:00:00). Evolution of Real Estate in the Past Four Decades

(00:02:52) Investigating the Impact of ChatGPT on the Real Estate Industry

(00:05:50) (00:05:50) – A brief overview of ChatGPT and AI and their impact on the world of real Estate

(00:07:27) (00:07:27) – Examining the Advantages of ChatGPT: a Step-by -Step-by-Step Tutorial

(00:11:03) – Using ChatGPT to produce Content for Agents

(00:15:01) creating the Point of Difference

(00:16:34) – Exploring the ways ChatGPT can assist agents to become better professionals

(00:18:04) (00:18:04) – How ChatGPT could be your Personal Coach

(00:26:38) (00:26:38) – Exploring AI-Powered Instruments to Improve the Efficiency of Real Estate Businesses

(00:32:57) – Exploring the possibilities of Multilingual Video Content Creation

(00:34:27) Artificial Intelligence-Powered Solutions for Increased Productivity and Efficiency

(00:39:07) »Adapting to the changing workplace Understanding the Impacts of Generative AI

The #TechTuesday training series is a sponsored collaboration between Tom Panos and Realtair:






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