Advanced ChatGPT & AI Tools 🤖 Every Agent Needs to Know | Seth Watts

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My guest is Seth Watts, Co-Founder of CampaignAgent and industry thought leader. Seth reveals the best ways agents can use ChatGPT & AI to grow their personal brand and local real estate business:

(00:00:00) – The Evolution of Real Estate in the Last Four Decades
(00:02:52) – Exploring the Impact of ChatGPT on the Real Estate Industry
(00:05:50) – Overview of ChatGPT and AI and its Impact on Real Estate
(00:07:27) – Exploring the Benefits of ChatGPT: A Step-by-Step Guide
(00:11:03) – Using ChatGPT to Generate Content for Agents
(00:15:01) – Creating a Point of Difference
(00:16:34) – Exploring How ChatGPT Can Help Agents Become Better Professionals
(00:18:04) – How ChatGPT can be Your Personal Coach
(00:26:38) – Exploring AI-Powered Tools to Streamline Real Estate Businesses
(00:32:57) – Exploring the Possibilities of Multilingual Video Content Creation
(00:34:27) – AI-Powered Solutions to Increase Productivity and Efficiency
(00:39:07) – Adapting to the Changing Workforce: Recognizing the Implications of Generative AI

The #TechTuesday training series is a sponsored collaboration between Tom Panos and Realtair:

Real Estate Gym:

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Video length: 48:36
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